PROJECT RISE : Employment and Job Training Assistance


The steep downturn in the economy has had universal ramifications. Many have lost their jobs, or are underemployed. Others have had their house put up for foreclosure, and face rising debt. At the same time, prices are rising and basic needs such as rent are becoming unaffordable. The Orthodox community especially affected as they struggle to keep up with rising tuition costs.


Program Objectives:


Project Rise is a federally funded program which works in conjunction with Agudath Israel of American to help clients with services in a wide variety of fields:




  • Employment services such as counseling, job search skills
  • Referrals to vocational training
  • Job placement
  • Information and referral for business counseling, free business loans.
  • Literacy instruction, GED programs, professional training programs
  • Credit card debt assistance
  • Religious accommodation in the workplace
  • Applications for unemployment
  • Resume writing service
  • Information about job fairs
  • Help applying for government benefits

Ms. S. was injured in serious car accident. She lost her successful business career and her savings dwindled. She was distraught and financially devastated.

We helped this client to apply online for SSD, filled out Met Council application for a month’s rent, and helped her apply for food stamps and Medicaid.  


Mr. M., a man in his early twenties, called for help getting an apprenticeship as a plumber. We put him in touch with a few plumbing businesses in Brooklyn, and he eventually secured a job and is on his way to a secure profession.
Mr. G. is starting an online business. He called to ask for business counseling and guidance regarding tax issues and legal issues. We referred him to an organization which supplied him with free business counseling and a free loan to launch his business.