The Constituent Services department of Agudath Israel fields calls for assistance from people requiring assistance and referrals with a broad spectrum of inquiries. Hundreds of constituents facing a wide spectrum of concerns call throughout the year, and we do our best to help in a caring and effective way
Recent calls have includes a nurse in danger of losing her job due to Sabbath observance; a family member calling to prevent her cousin from being disconnected from life support; a family in danger of eviction due to a financial crisis.

A Rav called from California for assistance in preventing a cremation; an impoverished family required Passover food assistance; a father who lost his job cannot pay the electric bill; a yeshiva high school principal is seeking therapists for his student; a young patient in a non Jewish treatment facility got kosher meal deliveries and visitors; and a Jewish soldier in Afghanistan received assistance with his religious needs.

Our phones are open daily around the year. We are there to listen, and to research the most practical and effective solutions to each constituent’s unique problem. Call Chava Shulman at 212-797-9000 ext. 335 or send us an email with your concerns.